Smart housing with building technology

Automated residential projects provide tenants with inimitable comfort while helping to reduce utility costs. Investors and residential developers benefit from value increases through smart building technology and, at the same time, reduced complexity in the electrical installation of the property.

During operation, high savings from intelligent energy manangement not only yeild an accelerated return on investment; they also protect it with an equally smart building protection system.

  • Advantages for landlords

    ► Simplified and streamlined management

    ► Increase in value

    ► Visualization of the entire building

    ► Remote maintenance

    ► Notification in case of technical malfunctions

    ► Damage limitation in case of technical alarms through notification and immediate action

    ► Email dispatch of meter readings

    ► Determination of the annual working time

    ► Broaden target market: smart apartments are more attractive to younger generations of renters

    ► More security and less work through smart locks

    ► Competitive advantage over regular buildings: enticing interior and exterior through smart lighting or outdoor features (smart irrigation).

  • Advantages for tenants

    ► Flexible and smart access solutions with Intercom

    ► Higher comfort and standard of living

    ► Simple operation

    ► External, easy access via Loxone app

    ► Reduction of utility costs

    ► Overview of energy and water consumption

    ► Increased security thanks to automated alarm system

    ► Perfectly managed environment

    ► Reduced CO2 footprint

Building Protection Systems

Each year in Canada, floods alone cause an average of over $1 billion in direct damage to homes, property, and infrastructure - a major problem we can easily fix.

stop floods right in their tracks. whether a tenant has a pipe burst or mistakenly left their bathtub running, our technologies will instantly cut the water supply leaving a mess small enough for a towel.

with total control you can remain fully operational and the tenant can still live comfortably until the repair has been completed. - avoiding the lengthy and expensive damage restoration process entirely.

Building technology that works no matter what.

With the Miniserver, Loxone offers the tool for simple control and intelligent automation of any project. The fully-compatible Loxone product range ensures sustainable and maintenance-free interaction in commercial construction. With our highly experienced team at Harmony Smart Homes, combined with the brilliance of Loxone, you can rely on a cost-efficient and easy-to-use 360° solution for all things lighting, shading, HVAC, control, access and security.