What is Laundry Jet?

The Laundry Jet is the first vacuum powered laundry chute that transports clothes and towels from any room with ports installed to the utility room. Unlike a traditional laundry chute, the Laundry Jet can be used regardless of if a home is multi-level or single story because it is not reliant solely on gravity.

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  • How does it work?

    To use the Laundry Jet system, simply open the nearest port to activate the system. Using the open port, feed dirty laundry, bed sheets, and even damp towels into the open port to be transported into the laundry room. The noise produced by the system at the ports is barely louder than a whisper so as not to disrupt the everyday activities in the living areas of the home.

  • Return Unit

    All systems are compatible with the Return Unit. The Return Unit can be installed in a bedroom, closet, or other room where the user desires clean laundry to be returned to. After the laundry is cleaned, open the port in the laundry room, feed clean laundry into the open port, and clean laundry will be transported to the Return Unit.

  • Versatile installation

    Laundry Jet works in any home or building, new construction or even retrofit. Capable of transporting clothes up to 200 feet in any direction we can install ports anywhere in your home or building.