No Contract Security

Avoid long-term commitments with our no contracts Security Systems. Our 24/7 monitoring solutions offer competitive rates easy termination with no hidden fees.

  • Monitoring

    Security monitoring services offer constant surveillance and immediate response to potential threats. Trained professionals monitor your security system 24/7, alerting authorities in emergencies. With remote access and real-time notifications, you stay connected and have peace of mind knowing your property is protected.

  • No Contracts

    With no contracts involved, you have the freedom to customize and scale your security system according to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to secure a small apartment or a large commercial space, we can adapt to your requirements, allowing you to add or remove components as necessary. Most importantly; you own the equipment.

  • Technology Made Simple

    access our user-friendly interface that enables you to easily monitor and control your security settings remotely. You can access the system through a mobile app or a web portal, granting you the ability to arm or disarm your system, view live camera feeds, receive real-time alerts, and manage user permissions with just a few taps or clicks.

Surveillance Cameras

Hardwired security cameras provide reliable and continuous surveillance for homes and businesses. Unlike wireless cameras, which rely on Wi-Fi signals, hardwired cameras are physically connected to a power source and a central recording or monitoring system.

Hardwired cameras offer a stable and consistent connection, eliminating concerns about signal interference or range limitations. They are typically connected using Ethernet cables or other wiring options, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted flow of video footage.

  • Free to use App

    we offer no monthly subscriptions for all of our surveillance solutions. Remotely view, playback and save video clips anywhere in the world for free.

  • Reliability

    With hardwired cameras, there is no need to worry about battery life or recharging. As long as they are connected to a power source, they can operate continuously, providing round-the-clock surveillance without interruption. This makes them an ideal choice for long-term security needs.

  • Security

    hardwired cameras often offer enhanced security features. They can be equipped with advanced functionalities such as night vision, motion detection, and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. The wired connection also provides a higher level of data encryption and protection against potential hacking or unauthorized access.