Why Would You Automate Your Commercial Space?

For you as a business owner, this is affordable, increases comfort for your employees, ensures easy maintenance or operability and, on top of that, saves valuable energy.
Office automation with our intelligent technology running in the background will have your business become more cost-effective without extra effort on your end. Create attractive workplaces in the long term and increase the profitability of your office and business premises with a Smart Office from Loxone.

Lighting Controls

To meet the requirements of an optimal workplace, we use the so-called Constant Light Control. The aim is to regulate the lighting conditions evenly throughout the day. This has a positive effect on general vision, as well as prevents symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches. Our presence detectors record the exact light level, and our Loxone Miniserver controls each light source to guarantee the best possible lighting conditions at all times.

  • Energy-efficient lighting control for commercial Buildings

    Operating a business becomes easier with “all on or off” functionality, away modes and more that make it less work to set the right atmosphere in any room.

    No matter if it’s a small business or multi-story hotel, the benefits of lighting control for the owner extend even further to employees and guests.

  • Supports wellness and productivity

    Tunable warm and cool white lighting supports your productivity and focus during tasks throughout the day.

    Paired with the Ability of RGBW Lighting, you can create inviting and relaxing envoriments for guests and customers.

  • Guest Experience

    Having guests feel comfortable and safe at all times is a must. Light, climate, shading, access and audio all work together to create a unique experience. Plus, if manual operation is necessary, the Touch switches and App interface is available.

HVAC control for commercial buildings

In any size commercial building, the system maximizes control of heating and cooling throughout any individual rooms, used or unused. Especially when it comes to apartments or hotels, the flexibility extends to the entire building.

Operating a business becomes easier with away modes, presence detection and more that make it less work and energy costs to keep every room comfortable to suit your needs.

Our smart HVAC automation system uses up to 51% less energy.

  • Reduce Energy Costs

    A system on a singular network not only increases efficiency and work processes, but also energy management practices. For instance, operating costs can be drastically cut by only heating booked rooms. Ensuring that a building doesn’t waste energy has a great impact on reducing its CO2 footprint.

  • Intelligent shading and ventilation control in a smart office

    Automatic shading that regulates itself intelligently, depending on the position of the sun, solar radiation and the temperature. Installing automatic shading will guarantee a constant pleasant climate in your Smart Office while using less energy for heating or cooling.

  • Always exact data

    Sensors continuously record exact measurements. With all values – temperature, energy usage, etc – available in the App, you can always ensure your business is running efficiently.

Convenient access control via NFC Code Touch

Access controls are easy to customize. Using the NFC reader, employees simply hold up their NFC Key Fob or even just tap their phone to get access if and when they are authorized. Compact and cost-effective. If a Key Fob ever gets lost the entire door lock does not need to be replaced. Simply remove access rights to the NFC Key Fob right in the app and create a new one just as easily. You can always get into the building using a code.

  • Burglar Alarm

    With Loxone, the alarm system in your Smart Office can be easily automated. With the intelligent Loxone control, an attempted break-in can be registered before it happens. Your Smart Office remains intact.

  • Fire Alarm

    The Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke via its smoke measuring system (16-fold measurement), and triggers an alarm in an emergency. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes temperature fluctuations into account.

  • Water

    The battery-powered Water Sensor provides immediate warning of incoming water, helping to prevent major water damage to critical infrastructure. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, the small sensor can be placed anywhere.

Smart Security

Protect your Office from not only physical intruders, but also digital intruders. This means all security features, from burglar alarms to video intercoms, work Cloud-free  without requiring wi-fi. So you stay protected without risking your data privacy.

As a non-network-based solution, the system remains completely reliable and secure. This can’t be offered by other solutions on the market (i.e. Z-wave, Zigbee). backed up by constantly updated, free software with no monthy subscribtion.

  • Customizable access codes

    Give permanent or temporary access to family, cleaners or employees, each with different limitations.

  • Prevent hazards & water leaks

    Sensors will let you know if there are any open doors and windows or even a water leak.

  • Only Cloud-free solution

    All data remains where it belongs – with you! No other system offers this level of security.

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