Why Have A Smart Home?

There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where we take your home to the next level; by completely adapting it to your lifestyle with true automation.

What does a Smart Home do? It provides a flexible, reliable ecosystem that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more to meet unique needs wether you’re home or away. You save on energy and costs without even trying.

each component of the smart home interacts flawlessly while adjusting to your needs. No Cloud, no Wi-Fi connection needed. Your privacy is 100% protected.

Wellness-driven lighting control for smart homes

In each room, lights know how and when to adjust according to detection of motion, sound from presence sensors and even natural lighting levels.

In this way, lighting control supports your wellness and energy levels while reducing energy costs throughout the day.

Whether you’re just waking up in the morning, cooking a meal or entertaining guests, your lights will have the flexibility to meet your needs automatically.

  • Energy savings

    In addition to presence detection, “double- or triple-tap” features on switches turn off a whole room or building respectively

  • Respond to Natural Light

    Depending on time of day and sunlight levels, the lights will adjust on their own to reach optimal lighting levels.

  • Human Centric Lighting

    Tunable warm and cool white lighting supports your productivity and focus during tasks throughout the day, mimicking natural sunlight.

HVAC Control

For the first time, you can keep a cool 65º in the bedroom with a pleasant 70º in the living room. Set your desired individual temperatures and there’s no further action needed on your part for each room to feel exactly as you like it.

No matter if you are home or away, your system will know how it should maintain an optimal temperature according to your schedule, presence detection and even the weather outside. If your needs change, you can easily make changes right in the free to use App. This also means no service calls every time you want to make a small change; unlike other systems on the market.

Not to mention; our controlled HVAC solutions can save you up to 51% on energy costs.

  • Individual room control

    Maintain different temperatures in different rooms automatically.

  • Reduce wasted energy

    Heating and cooling will not go wasted on unoccupied rooms.

  • Works without a “smart” thermostat

    The system responds to your set schedule so it’snot necessary to make changes. Ever. 

Automated blinds & smart shading

Offering more than just shade and privacy, automated blinds will know when to raise or lower on their own. Save on energy when it comes to heating and lighting while you gain more security features.

Manual control is still possible and simple from one app or switch – with fewer buttons and more flexible options to control blinds together.

  • Adjusts based on time of day

    Our system tracks the postion of the sun relative to your home. As the sun goes up or down, so will your blinds. So you always wake up in tune to natural light and go to sleep with privacy.

  • Works with any type of shading

    Easily control venetian blinds, roller blinds, hurricane shutters, awnings and more.

  • Presence simulation while you’re away

    Even if you’re on vacation, your shading system will know how to operate along with lighting to make it look as if the home is empty.

Smart Security

Protect you home from not only physical intruders, but also digital intruders. This means all security features, from burglar alarms to video intercoms, work Cloud-free  without requiring wi-fi. So you stay protected without risking your data privacy.

As a non-network-based solution, the system remains completely reliable and secure. This can’t be offered by other solutions on the market (i.e. Z-wave, Zigbee). backed up by constantly updated, free software with no monthy subscribtion.

  • Customizable access codes

    Give permanent or temporary access to family, cleaners or employees, each with different limitations.

  • Prevent hazards & water leaks

    Sensors will let you know if there are any open doors and windows or even a water leak.

  • Only Cloud-free solution

    All data remains where it belongs – with you! No other system offers this level of security.

Integrated / Muli-Room Audio

Create a unique multiroom audio experience all-around with smart controls for your choice of speakers. Personalize your music, alarms, reminders and more.

Built-in smart features include a security alarm in case of intruders or water leaks, alarm clock to wake up easier, custom doorbell and even text-to-speech reminders if a stove is left on and more instances.

if you just simply need soft background music or bumping party beats, you get an ideally controlled atmosphere with rich, clear sound.

  • Use any speakers

    Integrate your favorite brand. With our extensive audio catalog we can fit any needs.

  • Various alarms

    Speakers will sound an alarm if the home detects a burglar, water leak or other potential danger.

  • Built in Intercom

    Play reminders in specific rooms. Send them via the Loxone App.

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