What is Smart Film/ Smart Glass?

Available in a variety of colours, Smart Film is a powered window film which we can apply to a window to provide you instant privacy at your choosing. The Film will go from transparent to opaque instantly via a regular switch on the wall or the smart device application.

What advantages do I have with smart film over blinds or curtains?
Smart film blocks 98+% of harmful UV rays whether it's on or off. Meaning it not only protects you and your family, but it also protects your furniture, carpets and artwork from the harmful UV rays. Smart film is also extremely energy efficient only using.07-.10 Watts/Square Foot and will help save costs on heating and cooling significantly due to a 40% solar reduction. It can be installed on your windows, doors, skylights, dividing walls, anywhere there's glass!

Commerical use

Any profession where client confidentiality is a top priority could benifit highly from smart film. When dealing with a client you could flip the windows to opaque, then once the client leaves simply switch the film back to transparant. It allows you to keep a modern workspace without blinds or curtains taking away from the aesthetic atmosphere of the office space.

To see smart film in action, please view the videos below.