Say No to Stinky Laundry Baskets!

With just a touch of a button send dry, or slightly damp, dirty laundry into your laundry chute port directly to the laundry room including:

• Towels

• Bed Sheets and Light Blankets

• Jeans and Trousers

• Shirts, T-Shirts, Socks, Underwear and much more!

Send items to your laundry room from any room in your home, regardless of location. From the basement to the second floor in seconds!

Customer Review of Laundry Jet

Laundry Jet is not restricted by location and works with both single story and multi story homes and commercial premises such as hotels and factories. Our unique vacuum laundry chute design makes it possible to have up to 8 laundry ports in your home per system, and our laundry return unit can send it back once it's all washed!

Frequently Asked Questions about Laundry Jet

Q- What if my kids jam toys, or shoes into the Laundry Jet ports in their rooms?

A- Laundry chute ports can be installed at any height. If required they can be installed 48" off the ground. if that's not enough, our ports have a sensor that will turn off the machine until any dense, heavy or non laundry-like items are removed.

Q- My laundry room is upstairs and my bedrooms are downstairs. Can Laundry Jet send clothing upstairs?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can send laundry vertically and horizontally from multiple locations as it does not require gravity.

Q- Can I send laundry back to my room with the Laundry Jet?

Of Course! A laundry return unit can be installed in each chosen room for a complete send and return system!

Q- Can I choose the color of my Laundry Jet?

A- Yes. Our laundry ports come in two colors: white and black. And a "Wave port" that allows for hands free use.