Home Audio Solutions

We stand by HEOS and SONOS amplifiers for your home audio needs.

? WiFi control

? Spotify

? Apple Music or Itunes

? Streaming services such as youtube

? To any room in the house, in the touch of a button.

? Control the volume on your phone, or with on wall volume sliders.

Our most popular choices of speakers amoung homeowners:

Bose, Tannoy, Protege, Elura, Polk, to name a few.

Home Theatre Systems

We use the choicest of products to ensure your absolute immersion. When it comes to your home theatre, you want satisfying bass, Crystal clear projection, and great sound.

Our extensive product line allows us to work with any budget!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Theatres

Q- What seperates you from the other companies also offering home theatres?

A- For our clients it's about doing it properly period. This means we model your theatre room to the best size and shape possible. We use powerful software to determine optimal speaker locations and angles within the space to ensure the sound is perfectly targetted towards you, not pointing aimlessly forwards projecting sound where it's not being used efficiently. If you want the best than talk to us.

Q- what does a theatre system include?

A- at a basic level a soundbar, rear surrounds and a nice TV are suitable. A traditional 5.1 setup would include 3 front speakers (left, center and right), and rear surrounds (rear left and right) and a subwoofer. however we can tailor a room to any need. We will leave you with a cinematic experience like no other.

Q-Does room shape really affect my sound experience?

Believe it or not it's one of the most important factors when designing your theatre room. for example, a cube shaped room would be the worst shape to work with due to how sound resonates within the space. Sound proofing, length, hight and width all play a major role in your equipments performance.